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Welcome to the home of Virinis Linkshell, a part of the Final Fantasy XI community on the Lakshmi Server.

Virinis was created by me (Talya) and two close friends (Menaili & Littlegrey), but has grown exponentially from there.  We have been a strong, close-knit group that has stood in the world of Vana'Diel since the fall of 2005.  We have worked hard to build a community that can socialize as well as play together for the benefit of everyone.  We look for members who are willing to help each other through difficult trials.  We also hold regular events, both game related (i.e. garrison/bcnm/enm/etc.) and Linkshell created.

The Philosophy and Etiquette of Virinis Linkshell is a simple one.  Virinis Linkshell is a family oriented, social-plus, community Linkshell.  FFXI is a community game, and as such a player will quickly reach his/her limits as a solo member.  You will need the help of parties to reach your final goal.  In this community environment, we must follow general social rules.  The same applies to a Linkshell environment, if not more so, as your Linkshell is often a more permanent social setting.

We have no level/race/job restrictions, nor do we have real-life restrictions, such as age/sex/etc.  Because of this, it is imperative that members be courteous to one another.  We attempt to minimize swearing as a general rule, however, we also understand that sometimes bad things happen and a person may slip-up.  We ask that you be politically correct when speaking in the Linkshell.  Hosting different people also means we host different beliefs and lifestyles.

Our members are honest, hard working members of the FFXI community, and we feel that the wrong doings by any one member shows poorly on the face of our group as a whole.  We do not permit begging, conning, stealing, lying, etc., within or outside of Virinis LS, to or by it's members.

Recruitment into Virinis Linkshell is easy.  First, we ask that you fully read the Philosophy and Etiquette section to be sure you will feel comfortable as a member.  If you decide this is the right place for you, you may start a topic in the Recruit Me section of the forums on the Discussion page, or you may check the Officers section to the right of this page, and contact the appropriate member in game.

Full website access is restricted to linkshell members at this time.  Non-Members may apply to the site for associate status.  This gives access to several of our features, as well as the oppurtunity to participate in some Linkshell events.  We only ask that you at least have one character on the Lakshmi server.

Applying to the website is a 2-step process.  First, you are applying to as the first step.  From there, you must apply to Virinis as your guild.

If you have further questions regarding Virinis or it's members, please see the appropriate forum on the Discussion page of the site.

Thank You,


Linkshell News

No Bailout for FFXI

Talya, Dec 29, 09 8:20 PM.
Greetings my fellow shellmates, and future shellmates.

An unfortunate time has befallen me, and like many others, I am to join the ranks of the unemployed.  I hope this to be a short-term endeavor, however, things don't look to promising for those in the field of architecture and design.  I am hopeful for some temporary contract work here and there to try and fill in the gaps, but permanent employment is slim at the moment.

I am saddened to announce, that due to events beyond my control, I will be taking a leave of absence from the game.  This is not a permanent retirement from the game, but it is unknown to me at this time the full length of my departure.  I will re-evaluate each month my current situation, and see if I am able to return.  I may even be in a situation to return one month, and have to leave again the next.  Though I do hope to not be long away from my nightly escape, and all of you in it.

If you are considering joining the linkshell, my temporary leave does not close the shell to recruiting.  Please post in the forums here, and check the list of officers for a shellholder in game.  Any of them would be happy to get pearls to those in need.

You are all friends here, and those who are in the position of sack-holder are long time and trusted members, who are very capable of running things in my absence.  I hope, and expect, that the time(s) I am able to return, I will log in to find Virinis still very much active, and business as usual within the shell.  If not, I will hunt you all down, and MPK you with the wrath of a thousand rabid chipmunks!

The website will continue to be active as well, however, when the paid subscription runs out in February, I will be reverting it back to the free site until things are back on track.  There will be some minor loss in content (likely the Terrarum page), and unfortunately we will have to deal with ads (please use your adblockers!), but for the most part, things will function as normal.

If you wish to contact me at any time while I'm away, I will be available through the website here, which I will continue to check daily, and update as needed.

I'm going to miss you all during my time away.


Warning Regarding PlayOnline ID and Password Fraud

Talya, Aug 10, 09 7:04 AM.
It has come to our attention that certain individuals are contacting FINAL FANTASY XI players in-game, and referring them to fake websites resembling the log-in page of the official Linkshell Community site. The fraudulent site directs players to enter their PlayOnline ID and password, with the intent of using the collected information to compromise the account. We are currently investigating and working to take the appropriate actions against these malicious websites.

Be careful with your information so as not to become a victim of "phishing." Do not disclose your PlayOnline ID or password to anyone or attempt to log-in anywhere other than the official FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community and PlayOnline website.

*The only exception is when dealing directly with a PlayOnline Information Center representative via the PlayOnline Service & Support Web Chat system. You may be asked for your PlayOnline ID or registration code in such cases.

Also, please note that no Square Enix representative (Game Master (GM) staff included) will ever ask you to provide your PlayOnline ID or password from within the game or via e-mail. If you experience such a request while in-game, please contact a GM to report it.

Keep your data safe! Keep your PlayOnline ID and Password secure!

PlayOnline Hot Topics

From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

The Version Update Has Arrived! (09/08/2010)

 The September version update has arrived, featuring "Scars of Abyssea," the long-awaited second installment in the Abyssea series of battle area add-ons!

This update will also unveil a host of exciting additions, including the second stage of the level cap increase, a wide assortment of job adjustments, the first half of the conclusion to the Wings of the Goddess missions, armor upgrade trials for Trial of the Magians, and much, much more.

Read up on all the details!

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From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

Version Update Preview (09/07/2010)

 Besides the plethora of job-related adjustments and additions already announced, the upcoming version update will usher in a broad spectrum of other refinements. Players can look forward to improvements in areas such as search comments, Walk of Echoes, Abyssea, and the quest Inside the Belly.

Read on for the details.

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From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

Job Adjustments Part II (09/03/2010)

 As previously announced, the September version update will see the unveiling of a variety of new job abilities, traits, and spells. Besides these additions, existing job abilities will also see wide-ranging adjustments and refinements.

Read on for the details!

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Scars of Abyssea Trailer Goes Live! (09/02/2010)

 With Scars of Abyssea now available for advance purchase via PlayOnline, players have no doubt been wondering what challenges await them. Well, wonder no more, for a promotional trailer offering a sneak peek at this latest battle add-on is now available!

The official site has also been updated with details on Empyrean Armor, a powerful new set of equipment that will be available to those who prove themselves worthy. Players can also get a glimpse of some of the frightful fiends that prowl the battered lands of this dying world. Check it out today!

Access the official Scars of Abyssea site.

*Scars of Abyssea will become playable to purchasing users upon downloading and installing the next FINAL FANTASY XI version update, currently scheduled for Wednesday, September 8.

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From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

New Director for FINAL FANTASY XI (09/01/2010)

We would like to announce the appointment of a new director for FINAL FANTASY XI.

Former Battle Director Akihiko Matsui has assumed the post, and would like to take this opportunity to offer a few words of greeting to our players.

Dear Users,

It is both an honor and pleasure to give this address as the newly appointed director of FINAL FANTASY XI.

With the commencement of official service for FINAL FANTASY XIV imminent, the period ahead will prove to be a turning point for FINAL FANTASY XI. I have had the privilege of being part of the team since the project commenced some ten years ago, but to assume the mantle of leadership at this juncture is daunting indeed.

As director, I intend to work in close cooperation with all project members and involved parties to ensure that FINAL FANTASY XI will continue to hold allure for our players. For truly, nothing would please me more than to see Vana'diel remain a gathering place for those seeking high adventure and camaraderie.

I look forward to your continued support in the future.

Akihiko Matsui

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